niedziela, 31 października 2010

seating for eating and together table by ilse crawford

 Ilse Crawford’s spare ‘Seating for Eating’ pieces are contemporary interpretations of traditional seating and she describes them as “reassuringly familiar but carefully detailed”. The designer: "My new furniture collection – Seating for Eating – is based around communities and sharing. It’s a family of solid chestnut benches, settles and stools. Having designed some restaurants and cafes, I realised there are plenty of chairs but very few products that draw people together. When you look at design, so much of it is based around being separate. I’m interested in making furniture and design that brings people together.” The settles, benches and stools now gets company by the together table. The table is made from solid chestnut and has trimmings and legs made of copper. The table has rounded extensions on each side. When unextended, the table is rectangular, and the rounded drop leaves are hidden under the tabletop. When both ends are extended the table seats somewhere around 12 people.

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