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sobota, 28 sierpnia 2010

T-Shirts by Evan Melnyk for Holiday Matinee


Col letto Bed by Lago

The bed features adjustable sides that can act as a headboard, bed cover when guests are over, or even create a cave-like feeling when you’re lying in bed. The nightstands that look like they’ve been unzipped.

Nervous system jewellery

Take out by

Take Out is a series of dressers designed by Klaus Aalto in which the drawers are not really drawers at all — they’re actually individual suitcases. The idea was inspired by Aalto’s personal need for a storage solution for his tools. He ended up purchasing a Plasticase after a long search for the perfect briefcase.
The Take Out series are made of MDF with aluminum shelves, steel legs and plastic Plasticase briefcases. The prototype set is a series of three different sized dressers.

czwartek, 26 sierpnia 2010

RAWtation by Adi Zaffran

From the manufacturing process a new esthetic language is created out of basic shapes and raw material.
Adi Zaffran was learning thr industrial process of plastic rotational molding and discovered the potential for combining raw organic elements in the process. He created  a method where the meeting point between the organic and the synthetic is made by the rotational molding process without the need for cold joints or complex adjustments. The manufacturing process uses pruned branches, trunks and foliage combined with plastic which creates the joints.

niedziela, 22 sierpnia 2010

5 degree stool by Tomas Alonso

A stool reduced to its minimum expression. As temporary seating devices, long term comfort is not
usually a mayor priority in the design of stools. Designed by Tomas Alonso

Green room by Tomas Alonso

A modular system designed to create a support structure
to grow climbing plants in an indoor environment.
designed by Tomas Alonso in 2005

Rocco chair by Phillippe Malouin

The Rocco Chair developed by Phillippe Malouin is a "sports chair". Since the act of sitting is never really active, perhaps the act of lying down in a chaise lounge could involve a little bit more participation from its user than just lying there. In order to use the chair, one must have good balance and a sense of adventure. Whilst being extremely comfortable, the chair allows his or her owner to actively sit in it. Phillippe Malouin

Monarc Bag for Hermès by Phillippe Malouin

Project realized at ENSCI (Les Ateliers), in collaboration with Phillippe Malouin. The brief was to produce a piece of luggage based on movement, adaptation and nomadic behaviors. The project had to remain true to Hermès’s classic identity whilst being innovative. The bag resembles a regular sized shoulder bag when empty. The bag morphs its shape to adapt to its content. The bag can also be used as a stool when fully deployed.