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poniedziałek, 1 listopada 2010

ilvy bags by ilvy jacobs

by pinching and folding a normal brown paper bag into a new silhouette, 'foldbags' was designed with the intention of giving a new view on the commonly disposed item.

 'crunchbags' is a series consisting of four durable sports bags, specifically for tennis, bowling, golf and regular workout. lightly resembling the look of tanned and weathered leather, the material was made from combining paper bags with cotton in a laminating process.

 'cordbags' is a collection of bags made from tyvek, a fibrous and synthetic material that is hard to tear. the design emphasizes on the packaging of products and the resulting visual implication it has on the item.
ilvy jacobs has created  a collection of handbags from unconventional, fibrous materials such as crumpled up paper and tyvek. interested in exploring the notion of  transforming the disposable paper bag, jacobs aims to give more value to both the material and the user through her body of work.